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About us:


Jago Bahasa Inspira is your dedicated destination for English language learning. Through our innovative Integrated Learning Method and Natural Learning Improvement approach, we’ve guided over 19,000 alumni in achieving their goals. Join our vibrant online or offline learning community and let our professional teachers empower you to master English and seize new opportunities.



1. Executing online teaching and learning activities (Zoom & Google Meet)
2. Assessing student learning progress (composing practice questions, exams, quizzes, etc.)
3. Creating a conducive learning atmosphere in an interactive and fun class.
4. Provide constructive feedback for student learning progress.
5. Stay updated with the latest language teaching techniques and educational trends to continuously improve teaching strategies.


1. Experienced in Online English language teaching (preferably a bachelor’s degree graduate or an on-going student majoring in English Education or Literature).
2. Fluent in written and spoken English (preferably with ITP TOEFL or IELTS).
3. Skilled in instructional methods, lesson planning, classroom management, and assessment techniques.
4. Strong communication skills, patient and approachable.
5. Enthusiastic, disciplined and professional.
6. Having a stable internet connection and adequate online teaching tools. Online


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